Sgt Eric Gulston MM Coldstream Guards

Sgt Eric Gulston MM Coldstream GuardsI first met Eric and his wife Eileen last year at the 60th anniversary reunion held at Bristol and organised by Reginald Counsell and his wife Shirley. I had spoken to Reg over the weeks prior to that and Reg was keen to have me come along and meet the veterans. It was then I was introduced to Eric and Eileen on the final evening. Eric agreed with me then that I would come visit him and interview him on his amazing experience on The Lost Patrol.

we were lost to the outside world, but not to ourselves

I wanted to find out almost immediately whether he was really lost or was it a perception that others had. Eric told me a classic line, 'we were lost to the outside world, but not to ourselves'. I guess anyone in the same situation would have said the same. It was a situation where circumstances dictated what needed to be done. One thing has struck me about this generation of Coldstreamers that fought in the jungle and it is this. They actually wanted to come across the enemy!

It wasn't until march I believe when I actually got around to filming Eric. It was more apparent that his health was deteriorating, but his mind was sharp and full of detail of the events that impacted his life. It was a real joy listening to this old soldier. Eric died a few weeks later in June. It was a precious window of opportunity to grasp this man's words and carry them through to the world of today. He was a big hero to many as I found out later talking with his friends who deeply missed their pal and hero.

Eric had been involved in freeing and fighting for the freedom of a Dutch village being held by the Nazis during the Second World War. The villagers had never forgotten him. He was more than a hero and there is much more to be said about this matter.

His funeral was on Monday the 6th July and we had organised to shoot the film on the Saturday 11th. It was a sobering moment as we held a minutes silence for him and all those who had lost their lives in the Malaya Emergency.

His story now is not forgotten.

Patrick McNeill
Director, Way Out Productions

The Cast

Martin A Cox
Martin A Cox

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Ava Lyn Koh
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Niks Vaja
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Johnathan Ho
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Anna Leong Brophy
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James W Newton


The Lost Patrol

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Filmed at the 7th Armoured divsion Memorial, Brandford, Thetford, Norfolk.